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Container Haulage

Trusted Container Haulage Service of Import & Export Cargoes in Malaysia

Our container haulage service Malaysia is available for all kinds of import and export cargoes that are newly arrived or needed to be delivered to and from any port in Malaysia. Our lorry container transport offers varieties of container to load and unload all the goods of both bulk and liquid items to be transported to other places or delivered to the port for international shipping. You can hire our container haulage service as we provide attractive rate for clients and all of your will be safely delivered as a whole unit in its own container, specifically for loosed cargoes. All of our lorry container transports are in great condition where we have certain equipment to carefully transport the container and we own certain certifications approved by relevant authorities in Malaysia. 

Certified Lorry Container Transportation Rental Service in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley & Selangor

Get our professional lorry transport service in Kuala Lumpur & Klang Valley or email us now for consultation on container haulage service and lorry container transports for various transportation services in Malaysia, including in KL, Klang Valley and Selangor.